Under the Hood

Domain Registration: Quotesforthejourney.com is registered with Godaddy.com

Domain and Blog Hosting: Quotesforthejourney.com is hosted on Bluehost.com. We have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited domain hosting, and tons of web templates and wordpress templates that are preloaded for only $6.95/month.  CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM

Blog: Here is the progression we took:

  • Quotesforthejourney.com started as a free WordPress.com blog.
  • When we decided to take it commercial, we purchased the domain name
  • Then we assigned the domain to Bluehost.com and
  • chose a wordpress.org template on Bluehost.com and activated it.
  • We then exported the content of the blog at WordPress.com and uploaded it to Quotesforthejourney.com.
  • We took some time to set up the site again on the new template. Almost everything transfered okay. We just needed to add our blog rolls again.
  • Once we were happy with the new site, we paid WordPress.com $12/year to redirect the blog to the new site.
  • And, here we are.

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